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Cypriot Bronze Coins of Cleopatra VII with Caesarion

  Review of Cypriot Bronze Coins of Cleopatra/Caesarion


The table below shows examples of the coins of Cleopatra (and her co-regent Caesarion, son of Caesar) that were produced in Cyprus (47-30 BC).

   Clicking on a coin in turn will give an enlargement and will also lead to further information on each coin type.


Svoronos 1874.   RPC 3901.

Svoronos 1875   RPC 3903.

Svoronos 1842.   RPC ---.

Svoronos 1843.   RPC ---.

J. N. Svoronos,  Тά νομίσματα του κράτους των Пτολεμαίων  (i.e., “Coinage of the Ptolemaic Empire”, 1904, 1908).

RPC = A. Burnett, M. Amandry, P. P. Ripollès, Roman Provincial Coinage, I 576, (1992);
(RPC ---, see Supplement III, forthcoming).

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