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Cypriot Bronze Coins of Cleopatra VII with Caesarion

  Other attributions: Probable origin of several erroneous attributions for two Cypriot coins of Cleopatra

6.85g, 23mm;  Svoronos 1842: Click to enlarge


6.43g, 24mm;  Svoronos 1843: Click to enlarge

Coin 1                                


                    Coin 2

As shown in Parts 1-2 of this website, the two coins illustrated above should be assigned (as determined by Svoronos in 1908) to Cleopatra VII during her co-regency (44-30 BC) with her son Caesarion, son of Caesar.

However, a review of various citations of these coins shows that only two in twelve correctly assigned them to Cleopatra (see Part 6 and the table on page 2 of the manuscript).  Four assignments were to Ptolemy XII (Cleopatra's father) while two were to Cleopatra's brother and sister (Ptolemy XIV and Arsinoe IV) and the four other citations were indefinite.

      Why were these coins not usually attributed to Cleopatra;  why have they been frequently assigned to Ptolemy XII?

        Click on  Probable origin of the most frequent attribution to Ptolemy XII   for an answer to this question.



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