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Cypriot Bronze Coins of Cleopatra VII with Caesarion

  Svoronos' and Regling's differing attributions for tetradrachms of Cleopatra and Ptolemy XII   


6.85g, 23mm;  Svoronos 1842: Click to enlarge


6.43g, 24mm;  Svoronos 1843: Click to enlarge

Coin 1                                


                  Coin 2

As shown in Part 3, the Isis symbol Isis symbol for Cleopatra on the two bronze coins (shown above) was used by Svoronos to initially attribute them, incorrectly as it turned out, to Ptolemy XII.  His attributions of coins 1 and 2 were incorrect because he had made an incorrect attribution to Ptolemy XII of silver tetradrachms showing the Isis symbol (see table below). These tetradrachms with the Isis symbol had dates indicating a reign that extended for a period of 30 years.  Since Ptolemy XII became king in 80 BC and died in 51 BC, while Cleopatra reigned a shorter period from 51 to 30 BC,  he assigned all the tetradrachms with an Isis symbol to Ptolemy XII (note that, as shown below and unknown to Svoronos, the Isis symbol does appear on Ptolemy XII's tetradrachms, but only in the last four years of his reign).  From the presence of Isis symbols on coins 1 and 2 as on the tetradrachms that Svoronos thought belonged to Ptolemy XII, he also assigned coins 1 and 2 to Ptolemy XII.

A year 12 tetradrachm, 12.8g, 24mm;  Svoronos 1826: Click to enlarge


A year 1 tetradrachm, 13.6g, 24mm;  Svoronos 1847: Click to enlarge

Ptolemy XII


Cleopatra VII

80 - 51 BC  


51 - 30 BC  

Coins Sv1815 - Sv1840


Coins Sv1847 - Sv1870

J. N. Svoronos,  Тά νομίσματα του κράτους των Пτολεμαίων  (i.e., “Coinage of the Ptolemaic Empire”, published in 1904)

While Svoronos' basic procedure was reasonable, his conclusions were nevertheless incorrect.  As will be shown below, Regling's correction gave very different attributions for these tetradrachms.  Interestingly, his attributions are very well supported by the evidence from the years of reign (just as Svoronos thought his were) and from characteristics of the coins and their historical context.  Also, the corrected attributions make it very reasonable that the presence of the Isis symbol should be taken as an indication of Cleopatra (not Ptolemy XII).

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