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Cypriot Bronze Coins of Cleopatra VII with Caesarion

         Method of Attribution of the Two Types of Coins        

Examples of the coins to be attributed are shown below together with the “control marks” present on their reverses.  As shown below, these control marks can be used to show that such coins were produced in the reign of Cleopatra VII during her co-regency with her son Caesarion (44-30 BC).

6.85g, 23mm;  Svoronos 1842


6.43g, 24mm;  Svoronos 1843


Control mark 1 is composed of two parts, Part of control mark 1 same as control mark 2 as well as lower part of control mark 1, and control mark 2 shows the upper part of control mark 1.  Control mark 2 is a well-known symbol for the Egyptian goddess Isis, and it is a representation of her elaborate headdress;  Cleopatra is shown with this headdress on the back wall of the Dendera temple. (show temple wall).  The Isis mark is also shown on Cleopatra's silver tetradrachms.  Among all the various Egyptian queens Cleopatra especially emphasized her identification as Isis.  See an example of a Cleopatra tetradrachm 


How can these “control marks” show that the coins were produced in the time of Cleopatra?

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