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Two Eagles on Ptolemaic Coins as Representations of Co-Regency

Index to Part 1 topics and corrections to the literature


Part 1 reviews the denominations of bronze coins of the Ptolemaic kings from the first appearance of two-eagle coins c.262 until c.164 BC;  the review has resulted in some corrections to earlier methods and results regarding this coinage.

Much of the more specialized information in Part 1 has been placed in references present in subdivisions 1a, 1b and 1c.  The index table (below) allows easy access (via the links in the table) to the basic information and arguments on each topic given in the first column of the table.

Topic Link to reference Part containing reference
Number of denominations? (PtII) references Did Ptolemy II produce eight or six denominations? and Use of small module coins Go to Part 1 and Part 1a
Later denominational marking references Did the Ptolemies use denomination marks following the reign of Ptolemy II? and Ptolemy III (and later kings) did not use denominational marking Compare Part 1, Part 1a and Part 1c, Part 1a
Two eagles ≠ diobol denomination reference Origin of the idea that double eagles represent a diobol Go to Part 1b
Countermarking ≠ double value New data shows that Price′s assumptions are not valid Go to Part 1c