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Two Eagles on Ptolemaic Coins as Representations of Co-Regency

 Links to sites concerned with Ptolemaic history and coins


This page gives some links to interesting and useful websites that relate to Ptolemaic history and numismatics.


Svoronos' 1904 catalogue of Ptolemaic coinage - indispensable;  now made available on the web.

The Ptolemaic Dynasty - chronology, genealogy, bibliography.

Egyptology Resources - the first Egyptology site on the web; still an excellent resource.

Oriental Institute Research Archives - a search site for academic information on the ancient near east.

Ptolemaic coinage - a search site showing some Ptolemaic coins.

Ancient coinage of Egypt - a catalogue of some web sales.

Ancient Egyptian site - produced by a Belgian Egyptologist.

Review of some Ptolemaic kings - by a classical scholar.

House of Ptolemy - well established, with many further links.

Timeline of Egypt - part of a well designed personal site.

Yahooís Directory for Egyptology - Gives a list of sites recommended by Yahoo Directory.

Digital Egypt for Universities - A learning and teaching resource (University College London).

Bibliography of Ancient Egypt - search by category or author for books on ancient Egypt.


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