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Corrected Attribution of the Coinex Hoard

 Previously published attributions as obtained from Pre-reform Coins

Published Attributions
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Published Attribution of Pre-reform Coins A and B

Coins A

Coins A and B are treated in the published attribution as unchanged and are dated to the third-century, i.e., to Ptolemy II and Ptolemy III.S. M. Huston and C. C. Lorber, 'Hoard...', Numismatic Chronicle, 2001, p. 12-14.  While this is certainly the case when looking at these coins in isolation, the additional information gained from finding them together in a hoard should be recognized and used.

The additional information is that the weight distribution of coins A and B is greatly different from that found in hoards deposited in the third-century.  Third-century hoards contained coins of c.96 and c.72g modules in abundance; they were the largest/heaviest coins available and, as such, they were preferred for a savings hoard.  After the monetary reform, as shown by the Coinex hoard, such coins were not available (i.e., they had been "demonetized") and the largest coins in the hoard weighed c.48g.Demonetization;  S. M. Huston and C. C. Lorber, 'Hoard...', Numismatic Chronicle, 2001, pp. 21-22,29,35.

Coins C showed their acceptance after the reform by their countermarks and coins A and B showed acceptance by their lower weights after the reform had demonetized heavier coinage.  Just as the original dates of the countermarked coins (type C) were unimportant as long as their weights were acceptable, the original dates of A and B were unimportant as long as their weights made them valid reform coins.  If they were not valid according to the reform they would not have been saved by the hoarder (see Part 3).

It is thus incorrect to simply treat coins A, B, and also C as pre-reform coins and use their original dating to Ptolemy II, III, and IV.

Nevertheless, keeping with the pre-reform assumptions for this part of the hoard, coins A and B are attributed by the published method to Ptolemies II and III.

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Coins B



Coins C


 Attributed to Ptolemy IV
(monetary reform
at c.207-206 BC)

Coins D,E

D, E: