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Corrected Attribution of the Coinex Hoard

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Svoronos' 1904 catalogue of Ptolemaic coinage - indispensable;  now made available on the web.

The Ptolemaic Dynasty - chronology, genealogy, bibliography.

Review of some Ptolemaic kings - by a classical scholar.

Ancient Egyptian site - produced by a Belgian Egyptologist.

Ptolemaic Egypt - a guided tour (by University College).

Timeline of Egypt - part of a well designed personal site.

Ptolemaic Dynasty - an eclectic site.

House of Ptolemy - well established, with many further links.

A "Cyberjourney" to Egypt - two "gates"; take the Shockwave gate to interesting graphics and panoramas.

Ancient coinage of Egypt - a catalogue of some web sales.

Ptolemaic coinage - a search site showing some Ptolemaic coins.

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