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Corrected Attribution of the Coinex Hoard

  Contents of the Coinex Hoard          

A monetary reform may withdraw coins, reissue earlier coins and produce new coins.  Before considering these possibilities further, a look at a few examples of the coins involved is in order.

point at a column for a slide show

A review showing representative examples of some the coins in the hoard is available by moving the mouse pointer into the different columns shown in the adjacent illustration (left). The 'slide show' may be stopped at any point by moving the pointer out of the column.

Some conclusions regarding the distribution of the coins in the hoard will appear here after one of the slide shows above is finished.

After both the backward and forward movement of coins has been observed (see boxes to upper right) a review will appear here.

Click here to show the results of moving younger coins back in time.    Click here to show the results of moving older coins forward in time.

The attribution of the various coins in the hoard should generally have no gaps. The gap shown in the coin distribution (see left) has been treated by two greatly differing methods. One of these (click the box-left above) was used in the published method.  In contrast, the method used in the corrected attribution is illustrated by clicking the box-right above. A review of each method is also given when the boxes are clicked; see Parts 5 (Corrected Attribution) and 6 (the previously published attribution) for further details.

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