ow = open wings;       cw = closed wings;      hr = head reverted;      cs = cornucopia at shoulder

Each horizontal line extending from Mørkholm's module designation of Ptolemy III's denominations (left column) to the module designation of Ptolemy II (right column) represents one of the seven denominations produced by both kings.  Note that Ptolemy III produced two varieties (Fi and Fii) of the same denomination.

The table shows that  none of the denominations have the same combination of reverse and obverse types for both Ptolemy III and Ptolemy II;  i.e., there is no correlation (for any denomination) between any possible denominational marks on coins of Ptolemy III with  possible marks on the same denomination of Ptolemy II.  

That coins produced by Ptolemy II later circulated with coins of Ptolemy III can not be doubted;  the larger coins of Ptolemy II are found in hoards together with those of Ptolemy III and it is also recognized that Ptolemies II and III had the same denominational system.Ptolemies II, III, IV basically had the same denominational weight system

Therefore, either the denomination marks they used were very complex (with completely different types of denomination marks used by Ptolemy III relative to those on coins of Ptolemy II) or,  much more likely,  the various types used by Ptolemy II and by Ptolemy III do not indicate denominations.


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